Re: Product Evaluation GEN 300 T2 Seeding Boot

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The GEN 300 T2 seed boot was designed by Henry Bergen and is produced by GEN Manufacturing Ltd. of Coaldale, Alberta, Canada. This seed boot is being used successfully in both irrigated and non-irrigated cropping systems. The seed boot described above is being used on a variety of different crops, soil types, and growing conditions. Crops that we have seen planted with this boot include wheat, durum, barley, canola and peas. Our experience with this boot is over the last two years. I have seen this boot seed into both wet and dry ground. Soil textures of the soil ranged from sandy loam to clay loam. Seeding rates of crops was consistent with acceptable rates for the area.

Fertilizer rates used while seeding ranged from almost none to a high of 325 lbs of product per acre. Fertilizer was dry granular blends of urea, monammonium phosphate, potassium chloride, and ammonium sulphate. Most of the seeding was done into standing stubble. Some was planted into grass breaking. At no point in time did any seed burn occur. No reductions in desired plant populations happened. The separation with this boot is ideal. Far enough away from the seed to prevent any seeding damage, and yet close enough to allow maximum yields. Proper setting of the air drill allows the grower to precisely place the seed and fertilizer, even at very shallow depths. Wear on the points appear to be very good.

In my opinion, this is an excellent seed boot. The ability to deliver high amounts of fertilizer without incurring any plant population reduction makes this boot superior to many on the market. This seeding boot has consistently demonstrated excellent results in a wide range of crops, soil types and growing conditions.

Russ Stewart, CCA
Soil & Crop Consultant


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