Who We Are

“Our aim is to provide innovation and excellence in the development and production of precision seeding, and ground tillage tools, for the agricultural sector.”

We develop and produce agricultural, and industrial, steel castings. Our company specializes in high chromium carbon steels which are extremely durable and abrasion resistant. By increasing tool wearability, productivity in fieldwork is significantly enhanced through a decrease in down time for repairs and a decrease in tool replacement costs.

  • Our company has been operating since 1968.
  • Our products have been receiving awards for quality since 1999.
  • Our farm-tested products are proven to increase tool wearibility.
  • Our competitive pricing means more profits left for you. 

High Quality Standards

We use high chromium carbon steels for all of our products. This means that they are extremely durable and abrasion resistant.

Educated & Experienced Team

Prior to GEN, Henry Bergen spent over 16 years at the Agricultural Research Centre in Lethbridge. He used this knowledge to help create many of the products we offer today.

Long-Standing Reputation

Gen Manufacturing has been creating products for the agricultural industry since 1968. We have had continued success due to our unwavering commitement to deliver quality products.


Gen Manufacturing has won numerous awards for our products. If you would like to see a  comprehensive list of our awards, please visit the “About Us” page.

Years of on-farm testing have gone into the development of each of our products.

– Gen Manufacturing Ltd. –